5-inch Microsoft Lumia 650 image surfaces

Microsoft is finding a hard time keeping a lid on its future Lumias, and an alleged mid-tier Lumia 850 showed up not once, but twice a few days ago. Well, today is the Lumia 650’s turn to make the rounds.

Another Lumia with a white facade, this potential 650 looks a lot like the 850, and then it doesn’t. The speaker slit at the top edge of the front panel comes straight from the existingLumia 640, while a larger but similar one on the bottom is a design accent new to the lineup.

Both are in contrast to the earpiece cutout used extensively in the higher-end models and the mic pinhole that’s been a feature across the model range. Are we to expect a stereo speaker setup, perhaps?

The Lumia 650 is reported to come with a 5-inch 720p display, so no changes from the current model. No Lumia 650 XL has been pictured, but a larger model isn’t out of the question given how Microsoft recently embraced the two-sizes-per-model concept.


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