Trade in data: Apple loyalty remains high, but Galaxy S6 caused some deflections

In yet another testament to the fabled loyalty Apple enjoys from its customers, British recycling comparison site has concluded that 77.4% of all phones traded in for this year’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus have been older iPhones. The analysis is based on data collected over a period of 2 months, ending on November 30.

About 9.8% of trade-ins for iPhone 6s/6s Plus were from Samsung camp, while 5.1% were parting with an HTC device and 4.3% abandoned their Sony’s in favor of an Apple smartphone. The most traded in specific model is the two-year-old iPhone 5s (61%) followed by an iPhone 5 (21%), and a Galaxy S4. Only 6% of all devices meant to be replaced with an iPhone 6s were the previous generation.

Meanwhile, users upgrading to the Galaxy S6/S6 edge were a bit more evenly spread bunch. Again, most are recurrent Samsung owners, 48.5% of them. Apple defectors have been quoted at 16.9%, while HTC and Sony stand at 11.8% and 10.3%, respectively. As with the iPhone, the most often replaced Samsung model is the two-generations-old Galaxy S4 – people don’t seem to be rushing to replace last year’s models.

The analysis concludes with a roundup of trade-ins by brand, and Apple leads the pack here with 42% of the total number. Samsung is second with 32% and Sony is a distant third at 7.2%. These numbers however span a a longer period starting January 1 and ending on December 1.


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