Umi Zero 2 gets MediaTek Helio X20

Umi Zero 2 gets MediaTek Helio X20

Q2 launch with LG G4 looking 2K screen

Small Chinese phone manufacturers are good in imitating the features of some larger phone manufacturers. Umi is launching a phone with leather, 4GB RAM, Helio X20 and 2K screen which makes it the twin of the LG G4..

The first leak back in summer indicated a dual screen setup with e-Ink screen. Sadly Umi decided to ditch the e-ink screen and has instead provided a leather back. The phone should launch at an acceptable $299 price. The Helio X20 with deca core promises good performance of the device and the 4GB Ram with native 64GB storage won’t hurt.


The phone comes with 5.2 inch screen with 2560×1440 resolution and the number of pixels are a whopping 565 pixel per inch. The leather design became popular after LG G4 and obviously this is what helped Umi to go down that design road. The phone should come with dual rear camera setup that should help you to change the focal points in the picture.


The release date of Q2 2016 sounds realistic but looks quite far away. We expect to see first Snapdragon 820 based phones before the end of Q1 2016 and as the Umi  Zero 2 arrives early in the Q2 2016 the wait won’t be so bad.



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